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Master the Art of Wallpaper Application

Step-by-Step Tutorials for Flawless Results
How to Install Peel and Stick Wallpaper
Our step-by-step video walks you through our tried and true installation method. You'll see how easy it can be to prep your surface, apply your sheets and trim the exces! 

See how easily you can transform your space!

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1. Place wallpaper on a clean surface face down. Peel backing paper down from the top of the sheet around 6” (30 cm). Fold a crease into the backing paper roughly at the 6” (30 cm) mark.

Step 2. Take exposed wallpaper and stick it to the wall. Position it so that the sheet is 1/2” higher than the wall, allow this extra to run onto the ceiling.

Step 3. Make sure wallpaper sheets are hanging straight down, reach underneath and grab the backing paper that has been folded over.

Step 4. While slowly pulling the backing paper down, use the supplied squeegee to press the wallpaper against the wall. Try to avoid trapping air bubbles by going slow. (Some overlapping may need to occur between sheets for design to line up perfectly.)

Step 5. Move your squeegee from left to right (figure 8 pattern), while keeping even tension outwards. Pro Tip: A friend would be super helpful at this point!

Step 6. Once the wallpaper sheets have been installed, take a straight edge and sharp knife to trim away any excess against the ceiling as well as baseboards. Enjoy your new wall! Xo.

Huge Thank You to @jenbryantdesign for this great video! 
How to Install Wallpaper Around an Outlet
Installing around outlets and light switches is not so hard! In this video we give you the easiest hack to get the job done.

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1. Remove the outlet

Step 2. Loosely cover your outlet with your wallpaper

Step 3. Using a pencil, trace around the edge of your outlet

Step 4. Carefully cut out the square using a sharp utility knife

Step 5.  Lift up the wallpaper and reapply firmly, using the squeegee to smooth it onto the wall. Make sure to apply pushing the squeegee all the way to the edge, removing all air pockets

Step 6. Re-install your cover
How to add Wallpaper to your Light Switch Cover
Say goodbye to plain, boring switch plates and hello to a vibrant, customized atmosphere. Get inspired and start decorating today!

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1. Remove the outlet

Step 2. Find a Matching Piece of Wallpaper

Step 3. Peel and Stick Where the Pattern Matches

Step 4. Trim the Wallpaper and Tuck it Around the Cover

Step 5.  Re-install your cover


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