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12 Best Wall Decals for Kids Rooms - Cute Watercolor Removable Wall Stickers

12 Best Wall Decals for Kids Rooms - Cute Watercolor Removable Wall Stickers

Decorating your child's room doesn't have to be boring, or stressful. It can be an adventure in style and imagination! Featured prominently in our collection are the Boho Heart decals, a perfect option for adding a touch of bohemian flair. Alongside this design, we offer a variety of high-quality, fabric wall decals designed to effortlessly enhance any space without damaging your walls. Our decals are an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade a room, bringing life and color to every corner. Here are the 12 best wall decals from Rocky Mountain Decals, ready to transform any child's room into a magical haven.

Watercolor Dinosaurs

Embrace the thrill of the Jurassic age with our Watercolor Dinosaur wall decals. Perfect for a child's room, these charming wall stickers feature a variety of dinosaurs in soft watercolor artistry. They're a playful yet sophisticated decor choice that can stimulate a child's imagination and foster a passion for ancient creatures. Easy to apply and rearrange, they create a dynamic backdrop for play and learning, making them an effortless way to enhance the adventurous spirit of any young explorer's bedroom

Watercolor dinosaur wall stickers for boys rooms, inexpensive boy room upgrade

Unicorns and Flowers
These enchanting Unicorns and Flowers wall decals sprinkle a touch of magic in a girl's nursery or bedroom with their delicate design of graceful unicorns and blooming flowers. The soft pastel palette harmonizes with a variety of room themes, infusing the space with whimsy and a light, airy feel. Ideal for sparking creativity and imagination, these charming unicorn wall stickers are a simple way to add a fairytale element to your little one's personal haven.

Unicorn wall stickers, affordable girls room wall stickers unicorns and flowers

Whimsical Woods

Inspire a love for nature with our Whimsical Woods wall decals. This charming set captures the essence of a woodland retreat with its rustic acorns, delicate leaves, and whimsical mushrooms. The warm, earthy tones of these decals can turn any room into a cozy nook, perfect for storytelling and daydreams. Bring the outdoors inside, providing a backdrop that encourages nature-inspired play and a peaceful, grounding atmosphere for your child's space.

Woodland acorn leaves and mushroom decals for kids room

Folk Wildflowers

Is it rustic charm you desire? These Folk Wildflower wall decals are a simple yet stylish floral design, inspired by traditional folk art, offer a handcrafted look that adds warmth and personality to a room. The soothing palette of earthy tones provides a versatile backdrop that pairs well with both modern and classic decor, making it a delightful choice for adding a burst of nature's beauty to your child's living space or play area.

Folk floral peel and stick wall decals for kids room, nursery flower stickers

Farm Animals

Cultivate a charming farm atmosphere right in your home with these Farm Animal Wall Decals. This fun design, featuring a hand drawn array of farmyard friends, is perfect for infusing a playful yet rustic touch into a child's bedroom or play space. From the spotted cow to the sturdy tractor, each wall sticker is designed with a soft watercolor effect, bringing a sense of life and movement to the walls. They're an excellent choice for an engaging environment where children can learn about animals and farm life in the comfort of their own room.

Farm animals wall stickers, removable cow horse pig tractor wall stickers, inexpensive room upgrade


Whales Wall Decals allow your child to dive into a sea of tranquility. Adorn your child's room with these gentle giants of the ocean, beautifully illustrated in a soft watercolor palette that adds a calming effect to any space. Ideal for a nautical-themed room or for any young marine life enthusiast, these decals offer a delightful way to foster a love for the wonders of the ocean while creating a serene environment conducive to rest and imaginative play.

Whale wall stickers for kids room, nursery whale wall stickers

Butterflies and Hearts

Surround your little one with the sweetness of our Butterflies and Hearts Wall Decals. This set is a tender addition to any child's room, blending the delightful whimsy of butterflies with the universal symbol of love, hearts. Rendered in a soft, pastel color scheme, these wall stickers are perfect for creating a nurturing atmosphere that's as gentle as a butterfly's touch. Ideal for a little girl's room, the decals encourage dreams and add a playful yet restful charm to her personal space.

Girl wall stickers, heart and butterfly wall decals for baby girl nursery


Add a gentle countryside appeal to your child's room with the sketched Geese Decals. Each decal, featuring the graceful silhouette of a goose at rest, is rendered with artistic detail that invites a sense of tranquility. These understated decals fit effortlessly into various decor styles, from the minimalist to the rustic, and evoke a peaceful, airy ambiance, perfect for spaces where calm and imagination take flight.

White and black duck wall stickers, duck wall decals for nurseries

Construction Trucks

Gear up for fun with these playful Construction Wall Decals, a perfect addition to the room of little builders and dreamers. The set features an array of construction vehicles, including diggers, dump trucks, tractors and cranes, all illustrated in a charming watercolor style. These exclusive wall stickers provide a creative backdrop for playtime, fueling the imagination with scenes of building and busy work. Easy to apply and move around, they allow for a personalized touch, making them a fantastic way to encourage creativity and a love for construction in a playful, vibrant setting.

Construction worker wall decals, work truck stickers, crane, tractor, digger, excavator wall stickers

Sunflowers and Butterflies

Brighten up any room with the Sunflowers and Butterfly Decals, where the joy of a sunny day meets the grace of fluttering butterflies. These decals come in a variety of sizes to fit any space, large or small, allowing for a customizable display of cheer and charm. The sunflowers, with their radiant petals, stand tall and proud, while the delicate butterflies add an element of whimsy. Together, they create a lively scene that can lift the spirits and add a pop of color to your decor, making any room a sunny retreat no matter the weather outside.

Boho sunflowers and butterfly wall decals, sunflower girls room, sunflower removable wall stickers, butterfly wall stickers


Set sail with these charming Sailboat Wall Decals, perfect for young navigators and dreamers. These nautical-themed decals feature stylized sailboats in soft, muted colors, creating a sense of calm seas and gentle breezes in any child's room. The variety of designs and sizes allows for a playful fleet to be arranged across the walls, infusing a spirit of exploration into your child's everyday environment.

Sailboat removable wall decals, nautical room wall decor, sea and ocean wall decor removable


Sprinkle your walls with the cheerful essence of spring using these Daisy Wall Decals. Available in both large and small options, they provide the flexibility to create a meadow of daisies that dance across the room. The simple yet elegant design of these decals adds a burst of freshness and a lively touch to any space, making it bloom with the timeless appeal of these beloved flowers. Perfect for adding a natural and bright focal point, these decals can transform a room into a sunny field of joy and simplicity.

Daisy wall stickers for bedrooms, removable daisy flower wall decals for girls room

At Rocky Mountain Decals, we're committed to helping you transform your child's room into a place of wonder and creativity. Our diverse range of easy-to-apply and removable decals ensures there's something for every child's personality and interests. Let's make decorating a joyous journey!


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