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How To Limewash Your walls - Wallpaper Edition

How To Limewash Your walls - Wallpaper Edition

When you think of limewash, the mind may conjure images of quaint European cottages with their charming, textured walls that tell a story of time. Limewash has been used for centuries, a mixture of limestone that's been crushed, burned, and mixed with water to create a natural paint with a beautiful, matte finish. It’s revered not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its durability and natural mold resistance. However, the process of creating traditional limewash walls can be labor-intensive and permanent, making it a daunting task for those who love to change up their home's style frequently.

Elegant space featuring ink blue limewash wallpaper above white board and batten, with botanical art.

Enter the innovative solution for design lovers and serial redecorators: limewash wallpaper. This type of wallpaper mimics the rustic, organic look of real limewash paint but with the convenience and flexibility of peel and stick application. It’s a game changer for those looking to add character and old-world charm to their space without the commitment or mess. Rocky Mountain Decals matte finish peel and stick limewash wallpapers are the go to solution! 

textured wallpaper for all home decor

Aesthetic Limewash Wallpaper

Our most popular option, the Aesthetic Limewash Wallpaper, brings an effortlessly chic vibe to any room. It's perfect for creating a statement wall with its subtle textures and natural hues that resemble the look of authentic limewash. This high-resolution wallpaper is designed not only to add depth to your walls but also to reflect the intricate play of light and shadow, just like traditional limewash. Its peel and stick design means you can transform your space in a matter of hours, not days.

aesthetic wallpaper for wall

Ink Blue Limewash Wallpaper

For those who yearn for a serene and calming atmosphere, our Blue Limewash Wallpaper is the ideal choice. The high-quality image captures the cool tones and the textured appearance of limewashed walls, creating a soothing backdrop for bedrooms, bathrooms, or any space that could use a tranquil touch. The application is simple and user-friendly, with the ability to reposition the wallpaper to achieve the perfect fit on your walls.

dark limewash wall

Limewash Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a subtle, yet sophisticated backdrop, our charcoal Limewash Wallpaper offers an elegant canvas for your home. It’s designed to give off a soft, lime-plastered look with a high-resolution that ensures every delicate detail is on show. It provides a versatile background that complements various decor styles, from modern minimalist to boho chic. And like our other options, this wallpaper is removable and self adhesive, making it an easy update for any room.

seagrass wallpaper limewash peel and stick removable wallpapers

For those looking to refresh their home's look with the charm of limewash without permanent changes, our limewash wallpapers offer a perfect blend of tradition and convenience. Visit Rocky Mountain Decals to explore our collection and start your journey to a beautifully transformed space with the stroke of a brush... or in this case, the peel of a sticker.


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