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The 10 Best Grasscloth Style Wallpapers of 2024

The 10 Best Grasscloth Style Wallpapers of 2024

The timeless allure of grasscloth wallpaper continues to captivate the design world. Known for its natural textures and depth of color, grasscloth offers a unique way to add interest to your walls. Whether you're an interior design aficionado or looking to refresh your space, here are some top decorating tips featuring the stunning grasscloth wallpaper collection from Rocky Mountain Decals.

Embrace Texture

Grasscloth wallpapers are all about texture. They bring a tactile dimension to your walls that paint simply can't match. Use this to your advantage by pairing smooth surfaces and sleek furniture to create a room with a balanced, yet dynamic feel.

A cozy bedroom corner showcasing a wall covered in peel and stick wallpaper with a subtle seagrass linen texture. The room features a natural wood bench with a cream-colored throw and a couple of books on top, beside a wicker basket.

Play with Colors

The 2024 collection features a range of colors, from soft neutrals to bold hues. Don't shy away from using a richly colored grasscloth wallpaper as a backdrop for neutral-toned furnishings, allowing the walls to make a statement.

Elegant bathroom with forest green grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper, white wainscoting, and brass accents. A brass sconce illuminates the textured wallpaper, enhancing the luxurious feel of the space

Create a Focal Point

Use a darker or more vibrant shade of grasscloth to create an accent wall. This can be the backdrop for your bed in the master suite or behind a sofa in the living room. It draws the eye and adds depth to the space.

A children's playroom corner with sky-blue grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper, creating a serene backdrop. The room is bathed in warm sunlight filtering through a lace curtain, highlighting a white beadboard and the soft textures of the wallpaper. A stuffed bear sits on the wooden floor, beside a stool with a plush toy horse and under a shelf with baskets, books, and a fabric elephant.

Mix and Match

Grasscloth wallpapers pair beautifully with other materials. Consider using grasscloth style wallpaper in conjunction with stone, metal, or wood elements to create a layered, sophisticated look that feels cohesive and thoughtfully curated.

A sleek interior with charcoal grey grasscloth wallpaper providing a sophisticated backdrop to a modern sideboard and armchair.

Go Beyond Walls

Think outside the box—grasscloth doesn't have to be limited to walls. Use it to line the back of bookshelves, as drawer liners, or even to cover a ceiling for an unexpected design element.

A charming playroom bathed in sunlight, featuring cream linen grasscloth wallpaper that complements the white beadboard and wooden furnishings

Keep It Cohesive

When selecting grasscloth wallpaper, consider the overall palette of your home. You'll want to choose colors that complement not just the room you're wallpapering but adjacent spaces as well for a harmonious flow.

A warm, inviting nursery with soft pink grasscloth wallpaper, enhancing the whimsical and gentle ambiance of the space

Lighting Matters

The texture of grasscloth wallpaper can cast interesting shadows depending on the lighting. Use ambient lighting to enhance the natural qualities of the wallpaper (such as this beautiful green grasscloth wallpaper linked here) and bring its texture to life.

A serene nursery with sage green grasscloth wallpaper, creating a calm and elegant environment for a white dresser and plush toys.

Sample First

To ensure the perfect match for your decor, we recommend sampling wallpapers before finalizing your choice. Lighting and surrounding textures can alter the appearance of grasscloth wallpapers in your home. At Rocky Mountain Decals, we provide generously sized samples, ideal for both color matching and testing adhesion quality. Unsure about your selection? Take advantage of our current promotion: buy one sample and receive another free, exclusively at This is a great opportunity to explore options and confidently make your decision.

A cozy corner with brown grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper, adding warmth to the white furniture and playful children's toys

Don't Forget the Trim

The edges of grasscloth wallpaper can be more pronounced than traditional wallpaper. Use this to your advantage by pairing it with decorative trim or moldings for a finished, polished look.

A serene bedroom setup with denim blue grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper, creating a calm backdrop for the white bed and shelving unit with children's decor.

Rocky Mountain Decals’ grasscloth wallpaper collection offers a variety of options to suit any taste. From the gentle whisper of cream to the sophisticated statement of midnight black, there’s a shade and texture for every design vision. For a closer look at the complete range of options, including the sumptuous black grasscloth that adds an air of mystery and elegance, visit their Grasscloth Wallpaper Collection.

A modern, minimalist living space with black grasscloth peel and stick wallpaper, complemented by a contemporary white modular shelf with various decorative items

Transform your space with these decorating tips and the exquisite selections from the 2024 grasscloth collection. The right wallpaper can turn a room from ordinary to extraordinary, and with grasscloth, the possibilities are as endless as they are beautiful.

An array of peel and stick wallpapers with a grasscloth texture, displayed in various colors. From left to right, the rolls are cream, light pink, sky blue, navy blue, forest green, sage green, and light gray. Each roll is partially unrolled, showing the grasscloth texture and color


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